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Class Schedule

Class Schedule

GMF – all belt levels

GJJ Sparing – two stripes and above

Fight Simulation Class – four stripes and above

Adv. GJJ – blue belt and above

Reflex Development Class – In this class you will learn how to execute all variations of the 83 Grand Master Fundamentals techniques in every possible combination. GMF Students must complete each class two times in order to qualify. Advanced Students are encouraged to attend this class at least once a month to ensure that the quintessential fundamental techniques are never forgotten.

“Bring a Friend” Class – The Grand Master’s Fundamentals classes on Wednesday night at 6:00pm and Saturday morning at 11:00am are official “Bring a Friend” classes where you are allowed to bring up to 2 friends with you to try the class absolutely free. Simply show up with your friend about 15 minutes early and we will take care of the rest. During the class you will partner up with your friend so that you can help them with the techniques. Be sure to tell your friend that the class and gi are absolutely free and that there is no obligation to sign-up.